"In my opinion,The Ultifit Circuit is the most comprehensive and state of the art functional training program on the market today."- FRED GEORGE. 

​Fred spent years researching and training in the linear bodybuilding world, studying the old Joe Weider principles of constant tension, drop setting,  and eccentric negative training.   After mastering those techniques and being a former collegiate football and hockey player, Fred took his linear knowledge and merged it with his functional training specificity for each sport in order to customize personal programs for athletes... Freddy George has now invented a frequency workout, changing the cadence of work performed loading and unloading the muscle at a very high rate of speed in order to build core and tensile strength.  MMA presented his greatest challenge as the sport encompasses muscle innervation  from different parts of the body simultaneously.  You see, if you fight a five minute round, you should be prepared for six minutes in order to off set the stresses of the crowd noise, strikes to the body, and the possibility of being choked out (hypoxia).  Also, MMA starts in an aerobic environment and ends up anaerobic as one enters the grappling element of the game.   You see each sport has it's own intensity, duration, and frequency.  In Fred's opinion, this  is why "The ULTIFIT Suicide Circuit " is superior  to the other functional and body weight programs that you see on TV, including Cross Fit.  Unlike those programs that encompass high intensity with high impact, my system involves extreme intensity with low impact.

​Training Specificity is the key.  For example:  A football player explodes at 100 percent of his ability for no more than 15 seconds at a time, with a minimal rest interval, then repeated more than 50 times per game. This is carried out in an exclusively anaerobic environment, followed by a 20 to 30 second recovery period. So there is no use for that athlete to do something like run 5 miles.   How fast can you scrub the metabolites and acid out of your muscles?  This is the key to success. RECOVERY!!!

The main crux of the circuit is based around the newest state of the art functional training modalities, i.e- (Stroops MMA, The War Machine by Crosscore, and The Burn Machine Speed Bag).

​Fred has also incorporated other products such as kettle bells, sledge hammers, grappling dummies, kamagon balls,  indian clubs, and the Bodi Rocker which can be swapped out without being missed.   They are the extra credit pieces of the puzzle while the glue holding the program together lies within the Big 3 mentioned above.

​Using science to design personalized nutrition and training programs, Fred is revolutionary in coming up with some of the most state of the art linear and functional training tools on the market today.
What is the ULTIFIT Circuit?

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