Fred George has a unique skill set, unlike any other fight coach in America. He was trained by Erik Paulson, Rigan Machado, Rico Chiperelli, and Guru Dan Inosanto. As if that is not a strong enough resume, through touring the nation with Tapout Magazine,Freddy had an opportunity to train with Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Dan Henderson, Antonio Nogeira, Mark Munoz, and Josh Barnett just to name a few. Fred was fortunate enough to work with each of these professionals and pick their brains, stealing the movements that worked for his fighting style. He realizes that the best coach does not teach you the moves that he likes best, but implements and customizes a program for each individual athlete. Fred incorporates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Sambo, NCAA wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Judo, Kali Eskrima, TKD, Thai Boxing, Dutch Style kick boxing, French Savate, North American Boxing, and JKD hand fighting principles in order to personalize a dominating fighting style.

One day - 4 hour - $1,500 plus all travel
Two day - 8 hour - $2,500 plus all travel

Arrest & Control
Fred George has developed a CQB and arrest and control protocol based around Erik Paulsons CSW Program and his own shooting, and gun handling style based on fighting principles and weapon retention.

One day - 4 hour - $1,500 plus all travel
Two day - 8 hour - $2,500 plus all travel

Using his college degree and incorporating biochemistry, Fred can deliver a fantastic seminar of the nutritional sciences. From bodybuilding to fight preparation and weight management, he can custom fit a program for you.

Group - $200 hour
Private - $200 per diet
FREE with purchase of two day Seminar

Football / Hockey
​Revolutionary to these traditional sports, Freddy played both sports at a Collegiate level,even skating with the Anaheim Ducks Alumni Team currently. He incorporates hand fighting principles for several NFL football players, using JKD, hand trapping, and wrestling for linemen, line backers, and receivers. Then he uses bio-mechanical chain linking to teach hitting for football and hockey. Recently working with a running back from USC, Freddy teaches the back to initiate the hit on the defender, knocking them backwards. His idea of a stiff arm is more like a right cross, and no defender will want to confront you. “Who said a man is allowed to touch you?”- Marvin Cook boxing coach.

Hockey- Extreme Dry Land Training- Fred trains the LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks Jr.Teams, LA Selects, several NHL prospects. He opened a training center years ago with JF Jomphe (Ducks), Rich Costello (Maple Leafs), Randy Burridge (Bruins, Kings). He incorporates plyometrics, frequency, linear and functional training, as well his Suicide Circuit Pro Training. The most important segments to Fredʼs training are his game preparation, diet and nutrition programs. He hand delivers the players food, pre-workout and post workout nutritional products before and during the game. He is totally hands on. His passion for winning is unmatched. You would have to kill him to stop him!

$20 per athlete (min. 10 players)

(Will negotiate with an NHL or NFL teams looking for full time Strength / Conditioning coach and Nutritionist)
EXTRA BONUS- Injury Rehab- Using Kalari and A.R.T. (active release therapy) Fred can get your players back on the ice or field asap. He travels with the team and mentors the players. Fred also warms the team up and stretches each player, prepares meals or pre-workout shake, and can assist injury rehab. He is also a fantastic motivational speaker using sports psychology to assist athlete in game preparation.. “Train Hard..Fight Easy.”